With all the doom and gloom around in the retail world at the moment, it can be easy to lose sight of the bright spots.

Evolution of retail and the physical space it occupies is happening at hyper speed because of the impact of technology.

Within this maelstrom there are hundreds of people and companies changing the way physical retail works, doing innovative, creative and (importantly) profitable work. From developers and owners to retailers to tech companies, they are shaping the retail experience of the future…


Cortexica Another use of AI will be in the world of visual analytics, such as facial recognition technology that allows retailers to personalise offers to individual customers, although the reality is that this will be done via the equally intrusive but slightly less creepy method of recognising your smartphone. In the visual world, Cortexica created an app for UK shopping centre REIT Hammerson which allows consumers to point their smartphone at any object, be it an item of clothing or an everyday object in a colour they like, and find a store that sells that item or something similar.

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