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Overcoming the barriers of PPE compliance with the use of artificial intelligence

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What you can learn from this white paper

We work with health and safety professionals to ensure employee safety with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for object recognition and video analysis. Our AI-PPE Compliant solutions deliver real-time video analytics that enable clients to make better informed decisions based on a higher awareness of their surroundings.

To better understand how these systems benefit businesses working in high-risk environments, we surveyed 100 board-level and C-suite professionals who are directly responsible for the health & safety of workers within industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing and biomedical.

Watch the video to see AI-PPE Compliant in action at Intel’s IoT Lab in Munich

We are very proud to announce that our ‘AI-PPE Compliant’ solution is now live at Intel’s IoT Lab in Munich. Working in partnership with UP (AAEON).

In this instance, we have used Axis video surveillance equipment and edge computing (UP Squared AI Dev Kit) to provide proactive and real-time tracking of people’s workwear (PPE).

Video: Supercharging real-time video surveillance with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) marks the fourth industrial revolution, and no longer is AI rare, it’s beginning to reshape markets and transform the workplace as it frees up humans from performing manual or process-oriented tasks.

Axis video surveillance equipment using edge computing to provide proactive and real-time tracking of people’s workwear (PPE).

Demo announcement: AI-Safe (PPE) is now live at Mi-IDEA, Cisco’s innovation centre, Manchester

Cortexica are proud to be part of Cisco’s innovation centre Mi-IDEA in Manchester where visitors are welcome to demonstrate AI-Safe and see the benefits first hand.

AI-Safe is a solution delivered in partnership with Cisco that monitors workers and what they are wearing, e.g. hardhat, footwear or other PPE against a set of pre-defined rules. Any non-compliant or missing PPE will be flagged up, and access to the workplace denied or restricted until properly equipped.

Available now: AI Edge-PPE Monitoring Development Kit

It takes more than algorithms to deliver an AI driven product that solves a real-life problem. Working in partnership with UP we have developed ‘UP Squared AI Edge-PPE monitoring’, a development Kit for health and safety professionals to create proof of concepts to full blown AI applications ready for live deployment.

Why us?

AI–PPE Compliant from Cortexica can help you protect your business in any environment, integrating our solution to your existing technology, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and saving time through AI.

Product overview: AI-PPE Compliant