AI-PPE Compliant
For workplace protection

Ensures compliance, eliminates hazards &
provides insight to improve workplace safety

AI-PPE Compliant has been developed to improve a company’s health and safety compliance. By automating PPE detection we reduce the risk of accident to the employee, reduce employer liability, improve operational efficiency and provide analytics on the safety of the workplace.

Cortexica’s technology is camera agnostic; reducing interference with existing infrastructure and costs.

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AI-PPE Compliant is a real time video solution that works in...

Ai-Safe PPE Continuous Monitoring

Any environment

Operates in ‘real world’ situations both indoors and outdoors. E.g. Rain, poor lighting & strong lighting.

With any camera

Our technology is fully equipped to integrate with any camera from CCTV cameras to mobile phones.

Scalable, secure and suited to all infrastructure requirements

  • In the cloud
  • On device / Edge / IoT

The output

  • Object or person identification and tracking
  • Visually search a database or inventory
  • Event prediction through action recognition
If non-compliant equipment is detected, it will alert, advise or restrict access in real-time
Mounted above entrances / exits and on-site, it replaces the manual error-prone checking processes
Advanced AI Algorithms from Cortexica match an employee’s PPE inventory

Who does this benefit?

AI-Safe PPE Monitoring (Ingress and Continuous Monitoring)

Employee safety

The safety of employees in the workplace is always of paramount importance to any business, especially those in an environment that is already considered a hazardous one, such as construction, laboratories and sterile environments.

Ensuring your workers are wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) means:

  • Safer working environments for employees
  • Increased compliance to health and safety protocol
  • Lower liability exposure
  • Prevention of significant loss from contaminated goods / environments due to non-compliance


Through the replacement of a manual error-prone spot checking system, our augmented intelligence approach works to assist and benefit employees while increasing productivity, saving both time and money.