Advanced AI technology for worker safety

In this podcast you will hear from:

  • Thomas, a PhD student studying Cancer Biology
  • John Kersey,  a veteran within the health and safety industry and contributor to SHP Online.
  • Tony Skurr, Senior Solutions Director, Cortexica
  • Myrofora Ioannidou, Head of Innovation Demonstrations, CISCO
  • Maria Hernandez, Head of Innovation UKI, CISCO

This podcast in summary
Thomas, a Ph.D. student studying Cancer Biology talks about his experience of working within a laboratory environment, and how he would welcome a system that could formalize the PPE requirement and checking procedures.

John Kersey, a veteran within the health and safety industry and contributor to SHP Online looks at the fatality and incident statistics across a number of industries to identify a ‘plateau’, and the role technology will have in reducing this.

Tony Skurr, Senior Solutions Director at Cortexica talks through the ‘AI-Safe’ project, how it began, the technology and GSK’s role in provided a test environment. As part of the project, GSK required PPE detection and access control; AI-Safe was used to detect overalls, hairnet, foot covers, gloves and facemasks along with the order in which they were put on, gloves being the last item.

Myrofora Ioannidou, Head of Innovation Demonstrations walks us through the experience of using AI-Safe to detect the appropriate PPE is being worn to gain access. In this instance Myrofora is required to wear a helmet and high viz vest for the door to open; Myrofora has full PPE on, a green light is shown and access granted. Myrofora also talks through the role of ‘continuous monitoring’ to ensure the correct PPE is being worn whilst working within the environment and how this benefits reporting processes.

Other topics discussed within this podcast: Action recognition, data privacy, and GDPR.

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