Source: Verdantix Blog

Snippet: Firms have taken different approaches to encouraging its workers to correctly utilize PPE—from more traditional ways, such as pinning up posters, to safety nudges that act as reminders to wear PPE correctly and even artificial intelligence (AI) for detecting PPE on workers.

In partnership with Cisco, the vendor Cortexica offers an AI visual analytics technology called “AI Safe” that enables real-time video analysis with advanced algorithms and machine learning to ensure employees are wearing the correct PPE. The breadth of this tool’s applicability originates from its easy integration within any camera—from CCTV to mobile phones.

AI Safe has two primary use cases: (i) access control and (ii) continuous monitoring. When it comes to the first scenario, this proof of concept is demonstrated in a number of Axis and Cisco Innovation Centres: once a worker’s PPE (high vis and helmet) is being worn correctly, then it allows worksite access. The second scenario enables managers to conduct firm-wide audits for understanding the PPE compliance risk status across different sites and triggering preventative actions

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