Cortexica, in partnership with Axis and AAEON, enhances worker safety with real-time IoT & edge computing AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) marks the fourth industrial revolution, and no longer is AI rare, it’s beginning to reshape markets and transform the workplace as it frees up humans from performing manual or process-oriented tasks.

In this video you will see Cortexica’s PPE Monitoring solutions working with Axis video surveillance equipment using edge computing to provide proactive and real-time tracking of people’s workwear (PPE).

This is the world’s first continuous personal protective equipment monitoring system powered by an ultra-low-power edge computer connected to Axis radar and a PTZ camera.

Reasons to invest in artificial intelligence for your PPE monitoring include:

  • Ensure workers are wearing the right personal protection equipment
  • Safer working environment
  • Increased compliance
  • Lower liability exposure
  • Loss prevention from contamination

How it works

All the processing runs in real-time on any edge device, and for this demo we have evaluated both Intel NUC and AAEON UP Squared featuring the bleeding edge AI Core PCIe module. Both devices are capable of running multiple object detection models in parallel and in real-time. Cortexica’s edge solutions can make use of CPU’s, GPU’s or VPU’s, with alerts being sent to you or your control centre to inform or record events for further action.

Axis Communications, working in partnership with Cortexica

Axis Communications is the market leader in network video.  Working in partnership with Cortexica, Axis is able to enhance their video surveillance offering with artificial intelligence, which in turn promotes workers to operate at higher, more strategic levels.

About PPE Monitoring

PPE Monitoring solutions from Cortexica combines real-time video analysis with advanced algorithms and machine learning to ensure employees are wearing the correct personal protection equipment.

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