Cortexica’s visual commerce app is now live – download for iOS and Android!

Cortexica is extremely happy to announce that we have launched our very own app allowing users to demo our AI-powered visual search and image recognition technology.

How does it work?

Cortexica Visual Commerce app allows users to interact with a range of our retail solutions to get an idea of how visual search could work for them before having to invest in the technology. This is not to have our app confused with an e-commerce or transactional app (we leave that to the experts), what we are offering instead is access to our vision AI technology to understand how it enhances your existing retail offering.

So, how does it work? Well first of all download the app in either iOS or Android. Then simply login to the app (we have a login system to avoid disappointment for anyone trying to use the app for a shopping spree). Once you’re in you can start your visually empowered shopping journey…

You start by simply taking a photo on your phone or uploading a picture from your library, you can also picture from the in-app gallery of images, and then use the following products:




Crop pictures to find similar products across multiple categories

Shop the Look

Automatically identify multiple items within one image and search for similar items

Colour Analyser

Extract the dominant colours from any image, be it fashion, home, or purely for inspiration






Take a picture, or select a gallery image – crop to highlight the product you would like to search, then select the category you’d like to search.



Do you like the pattern of the dress but perhaps you want to see if you can find something similar in a skirt? Well now you can, once you chose the item you’d like to search, you can select any category to find similar items to the original image.

Our system automatically bases the search on 50% colour and 50% pattern to find you the most accurate results. To further personalise your search you are also able to refine the results, now if you feel like you want to see more of the particular pattern or colour, you can!

You can then either add to favourites to keep track of all your favourite items, or you can search ‘More like this’ to test more of what the app has to offer (we’ll explain more about this in a second). On your own app of course, this is where your customers would take their items to checkout.


Shop the Look


Shop the look demonstrates a different type of search functionality – instead of having to manually crop the item you want to search –  our systems do it for you.


Upload or select a gallery image and we will automatically locate all of the clothing items in that one image. Select if you want to search Men or Womens clothing, then the app will locate all the fashion items within that image.

Our visual search technology works out what items are dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers etc.. to save you having to crop and further filter the image yourself. Instead, all you had to do is click the clothing item and the app will find you similar items in that same category.

Many of our customers deploy this tool in their online offering to enhance the user journey and remove the number of steps the user has to take to see their desired items.

You may have noticed the ‘more like this’ button on all search results and selected items…


We have incorporated this button into our offering to showcase the inspirational user journey that it creates. If you see an item you like more than your initial search item you can select that image to search for similar items instead.

When incorporated into your website or app this tool not only creates a more intuitive user journey but also overcomes barriers such ‘out of stock’, ‘unavailable sizing’ and ‘out of budget’,  as the system can automatically suggest visually similar items and removes these obstacles in the path to purchase.

Colour Analyser


Colour analyser shows you the dominant colours in an image and their RGB codes, from the top 3-10.


Why do I want to see this you may ask? Well, first of all, your customers can use colour analyser to decipher the dominant colours in the fashion or home inventory images they like to learn what they want for their own purchases.

Colour analyser also has a wealth of potential applications in back of house retail operations. We can now extract data about the most popular colours chosen by your users. This enables brands to understand their users’ preferences and creates insights into visual analytics that explain what your customers are buying.

We’ve found that this ever-increasing image first world, combined with the advancements of vision AI, has created brand new insights into customer preferences and unlocked analytics from visuals that were previously inaccessible to businesses… Watch this space to hear more about our retail operational products made possible by visual search technology.


Seeing is believing right?

Sometimes no matter how many times you explain something, it doesn’t quite compare to seeing it in action. So rather than continue to tell you all about putting your customers’ needs at the forefront of the user journey and taking them from search to sale in a few clicks, we’re letting you try it for yourself – Download in the App Store or on Google Play now:



We will be rolling out more features very soon, stay tuned!