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Edge Solutions

Our work on Edge Computing compliments our research and product offering when there is limited or no access to the cloud/internet, as well as when there is too much data to process to make it financially viable.
Clients choose to work with Cortexica due to our practical experience of delivering products that work in the real-world and not just in the research lab.
Take a look at some examples of recent work in this area:

Edge Camera Processing

Processing on a CCTV camera and sending analytical and alert data only. This cuts down the amount of video data sent across the network and the number of servers required.

Click bellow to see our technology integrated on-device with one of our partners AAEON:

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Local Processing

Processing locally to a manufacturing production line to alert for any Quality Assurance (QA) Issues.

A scalable solutions that was developed and designed to allow in-field integration, with ease of installation and minimal interruption to current production line operations.  

Click below to see some of our recent work on Production Line Q&A solutions:

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Video Analysis

Partnering with Earth-I, UCL and SSTL, we have won a grant from the UK Space Agency to provide onboard-a-satellite solutions for real-time processing of ultra-high-resolution video data.

Cortexica solutions are able to work on hardware designed for image and video processing, for example:

Movidius VPU’s

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nVidia Jetson TX2

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Mobile Devices

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