Essential Retail takes a look at the serious challenges facing UK Shopping Centres and their need to adopt digital technologies to future proof their stores.

They use retail property group Hammerson, and their work with Cortexica as an example of shopping centres embracing digital to improve their centres offering.

“Hammerson has also been experimenting with video analytics and artificial intelligence – some of it with Cortexica – that has enabled it to better understand the movement of customers around its malls. Part of this involves a project with the Government that links into the company’s CCTV system and uses AI to model shopper behaviour.

We’re looking for normal behaviour, which then enables us to recognise extraordinary behaviour. Staring at screens is a manual task so we’re using technology to do it more quickly and predict what will happen next. Using this [capability] in areas like service, discovery and security will be exciting for us,” 

The future proofing and digital transformation of shopping centres is a key area of importance for Cortexica, we strongly believe that online shopping doesn’t have to eclipse the in-store experience, and instead the synergy of both digital and in-store actually works to create the ultimate shopping centre experience for their customers.