Health & Safety Matters reports on the startling effects of PPE-non compliance, explained by Cortexica published white paper


“In a new white paper titled “Overcoming the barriers of PPE compliance with the use of artificial intelligence”, Cortexica identifies injury claims, inefficiencies caused from injured and absent workers, and the purchase of new equipment as the most significant costs to businesses caused by PPE non-compliance. On an individual level, 5% of businesses in high-risk environments lost over £1 million from PPE non-compliance in the last year, with 30% losing over £250k.”

“Personal Protection Equipment compliance is something that businesses operating in high-risk environments have to get right, and the report highlights why” said Iain McCready, Cortexica’s CEO. “Not only do they have a duty of care to their employees, but they need to protect themselves from the financial consequences of injuries in the workplace. To our surprise, the report highlights many businesses are still manually monitoring PPE compliance, even with a number of industry-ready AI applications on the market that can reduce these risks.”