White paper announcement:

Overcoming the barriers of PPE compliance

Author: Dr Martin Peniak, Head of Innovation at Cortexica

The safety of employees in the workplace is integral to any business, and with tighter government legislation, workers are better protected by the law than ever before. However, despite this, or perhaps because of it, workplace accidents still pose a serious threat tobusinesses’ financial viability.

This threat is extremely prevalent in industries that operate in potentially hazardous environments, such as construction, manufacturing, engineering or biomedical, hence why the extra precaution of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees is enforced in these industries. Unfortunately, this does not simply solve the problem of accidents in the workplace as, no matter how many times you run through safety drills or training talks, some workers will always forget basic precautions, including their PPE.

To better understand how these systems benefit businesses working in high-riskenvironments, we surveyed 100 board-level and C-suite professionals who are directly responsible for the health & safety of workers within industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing and biomedical.