AI Safety: Delivered in partnership with UP

Let me introduce you to Cortexica’s very first off-the-shelf product designed for real-time PPE monitoring on the edge. Developing this kit was a great experience and I really enjoyed collaborating with our partner AAEON UP ! Bridge the gap and making this happen.

We are presenting this solution at the leading IoT event in the industry – IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

Last but not least, we have already got this product working on the very latest, ultra-low power, high-performance and only recently announced Myriad X VPU by Intel Corporation.

Myriad X VPU under review

It has been confirmed that we are the very first company to run a demo on Myriad X which adds to the excitement. Our verdict:  This chip is super-fast!

Meet the team at IoT Solutions

Meet the Cortexica team at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona for an informal chat with our Director of Research Eduard Vazquez, our Solutions Director Tony Skurr and our CEO Iain McCready.