Born from world leading research in the bio-engineering lab of Imperial College, Cortexica has been one of the pioneers of Vision AI since 2008.

Cortexica was spun-out from the Bio-engineering Department of Imperial College London

Originating from a research project to reverse-engineer the human visual cortex. Routinely ranked as one of the top universities in the world, and 1st in Europe for Innovation (Reuters, Top 100 Innovative Universities, 2015), Imperial College is renowned for innovation in the scientific and engineering fields; its Nobel Laureates include Alexander Fleming, Ernst Boris Chain, and Dennis Gabor.

Andrew Huxley · 14 Nobel laureates · Simon Donaldson · Professor David Phillips · Alexander Fleming · George Paget Thomson · 2 Fields Medalists

Dr. Anil Anthony Bharath’s specialism is in signal processing and image analysis

In 2002, Anil initiated the Research Council UK’s Basic Technology Project “Reverse Engineering Human Visual Processes” involving 4 UK Universities, with a major hub of activity at Imperial. Arising from this project was a blueprint for a scalable subset of processes in the human visual system, and particularly the primary visual cortex.

Together with Dr. Jeffrey Ng, Anil founded Cortexica in order to commercialise a unique visual search technology that was inspired by the human visual search processes. Anil continues to lead the Biologically-Inspired Computer Vision (BICV) group at Imperial College and is on the Board of Cortexica.

Cortexica’s major shareholder is Touchstone Innovations plc, who have so far invested over £12m

Innovations focuses on commercialising leading UK academic research sourced from the golden triangle formed between Cambridge, Oxford and London.

Patented Technology

With 10 years of developing our proprietary technology in-house, our technical teams lead the industry with the fastest response times and the highest accuracy.


Cortexica constantly returns processed search results in less than a second.


Cortexica delivers accuracy of 95% in object recognition and visual search, the same as a human being.


We can scale our service to billions of images, in the field of Big Data, whilst maintaining the highest speed and accuracy.

Video Analysis

With increasing demand for the analysis of video, Cortexica has exceeded the academic standard HM 51 data set. Current applications include real-time live Action Recognition for Retail, Security, Health and Safety.

Project Agility

With over 40 members across Innovation, Research, Engineering and Delivery, Cortexica can work from Design Thinking sessions, through to Delivery in a fast and agile way to deliver custom solutions around existing legacy systems.

Delivery Statistics

With a dedicated technical Delivery team, Cortexica maintains a 100% record of project completion within all agreed time periods and at the highest level of quality.


Cortexica follows key complementary frameworks: ISO27001 and CIS controls to make sure our systems are secure and already work closely with clients to make sure we are GDPR compliant.


Cortexica prides itself on many academic collaborations with the world's leading research universities and partner with other AI technologies to deliver state of the art custom solutions.

Academic Partnerships

Cortexica prides itself on having many academic collaborations with the world’s leading research universities.

Technology Partnerships

Cortexica has the ability to facilitate integration and combination with other AI technologies such as, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition and Robotics.