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Cortexica recognised the potential of video solutions back in 2010 when we provided Image and Video Recognition technology, in real time, to Virgin Money as part of a brand tracking exercise during that year’s London Marathon.
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In the last 8 years we have built a centre of excellence within video research and innovation, and now offer a range of video-based products that provide solutions to multiple industry problems.

AI-PPE Compliant

Real-time detection, monitoring and alerts for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) compliance in various environments.

Our solution can check that workers are correctly wearing PPE on ingress and can continuously monitor within a restricted area, such as Pharmaceutical Labs and Construction Sites.  

We have recently partnered with worldwide technology leader Cisco for an InnovateUK grant focused on keeping workers safe, which is accelerating our product offering.

Product Overview
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CCTV - Secure

Action Recognition for CCTV security systems in public areas is the next generation in video innovation, working in real-time video and not just on individual frames.

Working with Hammerson Plc and InnovateUK, we are producing a world first in detecting and predicting actions ranging from people falling to bikes or skateboards being used in the wrong area, to loitering, anti-social behaviour and many others.

Shoppable Video

Automating product identification within video and matching to your own inventory for e-commerce.

Customers can now search for an exact match or similar items in promotional videos, adverts, catwalks, and UGC, online and in-store.

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