Revolutionising Retail

with Visual AI

Powering visual search and image recognition solutions to increase product discovery, personalise the shopper experience and lead to higher conversion rates.

Visual Search Solutions

Visual Recommendations

Remove sales barriers

Showcase visually similar items to the search image

Personalise product discovery

Continue the search journey on each product page

Increase average order value

Provide more of what the shopper wants to purchase

Intuitive product recommendations

Remove the need to manually find and tag similar items

Overcome out of stock barriers and high bounce rates

Enable your customers to shop all of the items in your product images

Shop the Look

Recognise all products

Analyses and identifies product images to provide exact and/or visually similar products

Intuitive shopping experience

Remove the need to restart the search journey for each product or matching items

Increase basket size

Shoppers can make multiple purchase decisions within one product image

Improve product cross-selling

Encourage users to shop co-ordinating and cross category items in one click

Image Search


See it

Allow shoppers to upload images of inspiration rather than an error-prone keyword search

Search it

Present visually similar items based on shape, pattern, colour and motif

Shop it

Deliver personalised search results to your customer based on what they actually want to shop

Provide tailored search results to each and every customer

Personalise search results
Reduce path to purchase
Amplify engagement
Build customer loyalty

Try for yourself

Drag to see how shop the look enhances the shopping experience

Drag to see how visual recommendations overcomes ‘out of stock’ barriers

Do more with your images

Why Cortexica?


Delivers accuracy of 95% in object recognition and visual search, the same as a human being.


Over twenty-five million media assets
have trained our proprietary algorithms


Less than a second response time

Case Studies

Style Seeker


“An innovative new app is changing the future of shopping forever…”

Style Seeker

Brent Cross Ad

Find your look in minutes with Hammerson’s new Style Seeker feature, powered by Cortexica.

Cortexica win BT Award

Telegraph Business Club

Cortexica features in video series about cutting-edge companies with unique stories to tell.

Our own research shows that on an average shopping journey customer use a combination of offline and online shopping channels, and initiatives such as FindSimilar are designed to further blur the lines between the two, providing a convenient and engaging shopping experience.

David AtkinsChief Executive, Hammerson

Since introducing the Cortexica visual search technology in our app, we have seen customers really engage with the Find Similar tool and use it to easily find their way to other products of interest. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sienne VeitDirector, Online Products, John Lewis

The success of the FindSimilar trial at Brent Cross demonstrates Hammerson’s leadership in retail innovation. Incorporating digital technology into our shopping centres is a key part of our brand experience strategy and this is a great example of our approach in action.

David AtkinsChief Executive, Hammerson

When our customers see a look that they like on friends or on a celebrity, they can directly shop for corresponding products from and buy them without a lengthy search.

Kent AndersonPresident, Macy’s

Seeing is believing

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