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Operational Efficiencies

Automating retail operations to save time and money

Cortexica utilises the power of vision AI tools that ease back-end retail operations and improve the efficiency of your business. We work with your existing infrastructure and apply our machine learning and computer vision technology to save you both time and money.

Optimise your operational efficiencies with:

Custom Tagging

One size doesn’t fit all, this is true in tagging. We will partner with you to develop your own data model to tag new products or standardise your inventory.


Categorise your products or can classify your style. Working with your data we can customise to your needs that allows you to automate and run at scale.

Image duplicate removal

Visual inspection at pixel level to remove spot check errors and automatically detect duplicate images/products across your inventory.

Product localisation/segmentation

Cortexica’s enhanced product localisation and segmentation technology is able to identify multiple items or products within your image.

Image quality enhancement

Our technology can automatically improve your product images, for example blurred or under exposed.

Inventory feed

We can improve the quality of your inventory feed. We classify a product utilising image and meta data so that your inventory gets shown in the right way.

Visual Analytics

Turn images into actionable data with computer vision and machine learning

The expansion of vision AI technology has also created a wealth of new analytical insights into your customers behaviour and buying preferences.

Utilising image recognition and machine learning capabilities for the analysis of User Generated Content (UGC) and the visual information gathered through this, such as personal taste and inspiration, have created a deep level of insight into consumer behaviour that was not previously available to retail operations.

Visual Analytics that you could have access to:
  • User Generated Content (UGC) Analyser

    Extract data and intel about what products or inspirational images your customers are capturing to search for products. Gain true visibility and understand factors such as colour and pattern preferences, ranging from fashion images to interior decoration tastes.

  • Visual Trend Analyser

    The AI powered technology is able to visually breakdown the components of high and low selling items, feeding back insights into what colours, shapes and patterns your customers want. Gain crucial, real time insights on the consumer trends driving shopping habits.

  • Feature Analyser

    Extract features from your images, for example, the dominant colours from any image. This technology analyses the image to return a list of colours detected in order of dominance, represented as RGB and Hex values.

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Extract data and preferences about your customers,

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Brand Protection

Vision AI for the automated protection of your intellectual property

We’ve been training our vision technology to tackle the wide spread branding dilemma of ‘There are thousands of images across the world but how do we find if any are infringing our product design?’ Our vision platform can quantify and qualify brand copyright queries, computing the percentage of visual similarity between any item and your product.

IP Protection - SaaS Platform

Our technology is able to search millions of images across the Web, and alert you of similar products that may infringe your product design and messaging. We’ve enhanced our offering by developing this platform to accept other signals such as optical character recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and product metadata to provide a complete brand analysis.

Protect your brand from all angles with:

Visual Search & Image Recognition

Our visual search and image recognition technology can analyse and compare shape, pattern, colours and overall look and feel at the pixel level. Detect branding imitations in seconds.

OCR, NLP & Keyword Monitoring

Analyse product messaging and text imitations as well as visual branding IP infringements. Access to this meta data allows us to offer a complete brand protection solution.

Real-time Detections & Alerts

The automated platform detects duplicate images or products across your inventory in real time, and can instantly alert you of risks and threat level via desktop, mobile or your chosen platform.

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